From Hard Code To No Code

My first personal website was built sometime ago in 2015. At that time, I was getting back in learning HTML and CSS. I decided to put my skills to the test by trying to build a person website.

The first version was fine but…

This post is dedicated to my Uncle who passed away late last year. Rest in peace

Today I turn 34 (Happy Birthday to me!)

I’ve gotten into this routine of writing a post when it’s my birthday. Today is no different I guess.

I mostly write for myself. It’s kind…

Death is an inconvenience
It bangs loudly at your door at 2am
While you’re asleep
It’s rude and loud
It doesn’t care about your current wellbeing or mental status
Death is that hurricane that appears on the seas while you’re on your cruise
Shaking your boat and rocks your senses
Making you seasick
Death is an inconvenience
It is…

I’ve always like tattoos but never saw myself getting one. The whole “permanent” ink on your body was always a “no” from me.

Fast forward and I currently have “four” tattoos. Yeah…sometimes life comes at you fast.

All my tattoos are symbolic. I’m very much in personal symbolism and all…

Continuing the theme of end of the year things, I decided to list out my favorite stuff of 2021. Most of these favorites include music, movies and TV shows.

Without much further ado, here are my favorites of 2021:

Top Music Albums

Honestly, I think I’m getting to the stage where I’m struggling…

Deep breath….

Hey there! What’s up with you? You good? Hope so.

I’m not feeling too well but it comes with my line of work.

It’s almost the end of 2021. We’re in November and so it will be December and then 2022! …

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