Building In The Open (My 2021 Roadmap)

New year, new age, new project.

So I’m not trying to do too much this year but I do have a couple of stuff I’m working on this year. So to make sure I’m following up on my own projects, I’m going to talk openly about what I’m working on.

I put together some of my personal and public project that I’m working on in 2021.

Personal Projects

More Conversations With Girls

Book Cover

I’m writing a sequel to a book I wrote last year (Conversations With Girls). I’m planning to release it in March. It’s basically a collection of short stories revolving around women. I’ve taken personal stories and crafted them in a fictional sense.

Amazon Link —

Open Conversations (Season 2)

The second season of my podcast, Open Conversations, is officially back on February 14. The theme for the second revolves around “Modernity”.

First episode drops February 14. You can check out the first season on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast and other podcast platforms. (Anchor Link)

Personal Website

I keep updating my personal website ( In a way, it’s a way of learning because I’m using Webflow to build it. So whenever I make any changes to my site, it’s because I learnt a new trick with Webflow. But definitely going to make new changes.

Next step: Animation!

Public Projects

I’ve pulled back a lot of public projects I was working on last year. But this year, I’m taking my time to build these projects:

Nova Labs

This is a product of Tech Nova. It’s more focused on the data aspect of the Ghana tech ecosystem.

Labari Media (UnOrdinary)

Last year, I launched the Labari Media Group and one of the most exciting things was launching “UnOrdinary” which was a female based online publication. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put in as much time and resources.

I might be bring it back later this year but I need to work on how to properly structure it and what kind of content needs to be put out.

And that’s that. If I can get UnOrdinary off the ground again, it would be great. And yes, I’m open for collaborate on that.

Take care.




My personal writing space. (UX Designer | Blogger | Social Introvert) UX Design writing:

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Joseph-Albert Kuuire

Joseph-Albert Kuuire

My personal writing space. (UX Designer | Blogger | Social Introvert) UX Design writing:

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