Did The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Sign A Deal With A Con Man?

Did the Ghana Atomic Energy sign an Memorandum of Understanding with a dubious individual?

Over the last couple of weeks, Tech Nova published two different stories relating to the building of a space launch pad.

The first one was the announcement of an agreement by the Keshe Foundation and the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission to start the process of building Africa’s first ever space launch pad. This was interesting news to say the least.

But last week, news broke out that the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission had abrogated the MOU agreement with the Keshe Foundation citing some irregularities and scientific proposals which were not “helpful.”

Yesterday, I got an interesting email from a certain “Hans Schmidt” (Possible pseudonym). Mr. Schmidt emailed me to bring to my attention that Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation was seemingly trying to “blackmail” the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng.

Mr. Schmidt sent me a YouTube Video and pointed in several parts of the clip in which Mr Keshe states that he doesn’t know why the MOU between his foundation and the Atomic Energy Commission was cancelled. In the video, Mr Keshe calls on the Minister to retract the interviews that he did with some local news organisations.

Mr Keshe then goes on to say that if any attacks against Keshe Foundation, he will release some certain information into the public sphere.

Full quote from the one section of the video:

“So, my advice to the Minister is to retract the interview of yesterday. And I give you a tip: Dubai is the wrong place to put hidden finances. Mr. Minister: I’m much bigger to stand a threat and insult. I can open books at IAEA. Do not forget I’m a senior advisor nuclear physicist, and we have a lot of clout in what we do. We’re humble, we walk around the men in a very humble way, but I know exactly what’s going on as a senior advisor in nuclear industry. Please retract both interviews, and at the same time … I know the press which are listening … we release the papers. It’s for the Minister to decide. If any damage or any attack comes on Keshe Foundation facilities or any threat, we will release information.”

(YouTube Video)

Background Of The Keshe Foundation

In conducting a quick background search about Mr Keshe and his foundation, there are irregularities found with both his Foundation and the man himself. (His website is currently unavailable)

Mr. Schmidt in his/her emails, pointed out that Mr. Keshe has publicly made claims of certain breakthroughs in science and technology including free energy (“plasma generators”), anti-gravity (i.e flying cars), propulsion-less space flight, elimination of radioactivity, healing of all diseases, transmutation, ending of world hunger and enforcing world peace.

However, most of these claims don’t seem to have been substantiated.

Interesting to note, Mr Keshe in 2009 offered tickets for moon trips for 50’000 Euros per seat. In April 18, 2014, Mr Keshe decided to declare himself as the Messiah to the public. (Source: PESN)

Mr Keshe does seem to have a dubious background. Therefore one must ask: Why did the Ghana Atomic Energy decide to do business with him in the first place?

The cynic in me would say that some people at the commission not only got captivated with the idea of a construction of a space launch pad in Ghana but also with the fact that there might have been large amounts of money involved.

The decision to abrogate the MOU probably came after the fact that due process was conducted and more research on Mr Keshe was done in the aftermath of the news of the Space launch pad initiative.

But why AFTER the fact? Why did they wait so long? Why wasn’t due process done beforehand?

Mr. Schmidt in his email continued to explain how Mr Keshe has no medical or space engineering qualification and there have been persons in the form of Austrian astrophysicist Florian Freistetter and Italian physicist Gianni Comoretto who have rubbished his scientific claims.

Mr. Schmidt also pointed out there is an ongoing court case against Mr. Keshe in Belgium, before the Criminal Court of Kortrijk, where he is accused of fraud, illegal medical practices, and medical experiments on humans. The public prosecutor demanded a jail sentence of two and a half years. (Source: HopeGirlBlog)*

*Note: I tried to look for other news outlets for this case and only came across the above mentioned blog. It should be noted that the author of the blog appears to write a lot of conspiracy theory stories and the information about the particular court case should be taken with a grain of salt in the interim until other news sources confirm it.

Making Deals With A Con Man?

When I received the email last night from Mr. Schmidt, I was a bit skeptical. After doing some research about Mr Keshe and his foundation, there appears to be some evidence to suspect that he is not really who he says he is.

But Mr. Schmidt could easily be an individual with a personal vendetta against Mr Keshe and so some checks had to be done to make sure some of the information presented in the email checked out.

So here are some facts from the email:

  • Mr Keshe did make a YouTube video where he claims to have information which could be used against Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng if the Minister didn’t retract his statements against the Keshe foundation. One might say that’s close to blackmail.
  • Mr Keshe’s dubious scientific claims and breakthroughs have not come to fruition and most of his claims like flying cars and plasma generators cannot be replicated and have been rubbished by certain individuals in the scientific field. His claims of curing HIV/AIDS through natural methods cannot also be substantiated.
  • Mr Keshe did claim himself as a Messiah which some might say calls into question his mental state.

If the facts about the court case in Belgium are true, then Mr Keshe could be facing jail time this year. But until we get official news sources, we cannot claim that as a fact.

Which finally brings us to this question: Why did The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission decide to work with Mr Keshe in the first place? Did they not know he had a dubious background? Was due process conducted before signing the MOU which has now been abrogated?

Lots of questions that the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission needs to answer. Hopefully, we can get more clarification soon and get more facts on this story.

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