Life Status: Currently Shooting For The Moon

I guess you can say this is kind of a life update post

We’re currently in September 2019. Basically we’re three months away from the end of the year and then we enter 2020.

I’m not really into the whole “set goals for the year” stuff. I’m really more about continuous improvement in whatever I’m doing in life. In 2019, all I wanted was the following:

  • Be A Better Writer
  • Be A Better Designer
  • Try Out Something Different (Go more out of my comfort zone)

Not a big deal right? But that’s just me. Everyone has their own method or theme for what they want to do in a year.

So this post is basically a life update and where I’m currently in life. Writing is therapeutic for me and documenting personal journeys is a good practice.

So where are at right now….

Work and Side Hustles

Just a small update and I don’t think it’s a really big deal. My current role at my job is Business Development Manager. A move from a role of UX Designer. What does that mean? It just means I’m on helping with onboarding new clients, looking for potential clientele and other duties concerning growing the business.

My passion is still in design, however, and I’m still trying to grow this little UI/UX ecosystem in Ghana. It’s still very small and a bit overshadowed by the developer community.

So from time to time, I work on little projects here and there with design. Sometimes it’s a case study and sometimes it’s a side project.

I worked went from designing my own personal website and then building it. Shoutout to Webflow. (

But there’s still (LOTS of) work to do. I have way more stuff on my plate.

Of course, there’s Tech Nova.

It’s been 2 years and the growth from my little digital news platform project has been steady. One thing I wanted to make sure about this project was “consistency”.

Pushing relevant and timely content was crucial and I can honestly say it’s been paying dividends.

I’ve been more involved in building networks with lots of people in the industry as well as have conversations with individuals from investors to researchers.

One thing that I’m proud of was partnering with Briter Bridges and helping to put together a database for the Ghana tech ecosystem.

Even though I love writing for Tech Nova, I think it’s time to expand and add something new to the mix. I can’t give details about this new “project” yet but it should be coming somewhere in January (fingers crossed).

Also, I’m on the lookout for writers, specifically tech writers, to cover events and stories next year as well.

Now let’s talk about me….

Me, Myself And I

Penny for your thoughts?

Sigh. Where do I start…

I’ll be lying if I said everything was going great in the first half of the year.

I’ve been trying to purge my “perfectionist” tendencies which sometimes make me push myself to the detriment of my health.

I’ve been “alone” for the last 5 years. When I say alone, I mean secluded and hesitant to allow myself to be emotionally involved with anyone. This applies both romantically and casual relationships.

I don’t want to say I don’t have friends but rather I find it hard to open myself up. At this point, it feels like I’m numb to my own emotions.

I haven’t been on any dates. My days and nights usually consist of work and Netflix shows.

I started going back to therapy this year. My therapist said I’m that type of individual who has high standards and is not a fan of mediocrity.

This is true. I find it difficult to find people “on my level”. My interests are all about accumulating knowledge, having deep conversations about anything without no judgment.

I hate mediocre shit. That’s boring and I want no part of that. Life is too short for that.

Well, since I thought life is too short, I did something I had planning for months: I took a break and visited another country.

At the end of July, I took leave from work and went on a two week trip to Singapore and Dubai. It took a chunk out of my bank account but I’m glad I did. (You can read about my experiences in Singapore and Dubai).

That trip made me realize that I needed more of that. My travels and more chances to experience what else is out there in the world. So now, that’s what I’m going to do:

Spend money on travels to other parts of the world whenever I get a chance.

I hate taking selfies to be honest….

Currently, I’m in space of “What Now?”

I have some projects I’m planning on launching in January. Something different that involves more collaboration and different areas.

I’m still working on designing. I’m still trying to learn. I’m still minding my business.

Time to time, the loneliness creeps in and so does internal self-doubt. External motivation seems to come once in a blue moon.

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning with my hand out the water but I don’t expect any help to come.

I don’t have the energy to reach out anymore. Right now, I want people to reach out to me instead. I don’t know if it’s a selfish thing but is it wrong to want to people to text/call once in a while just to say “hi” and wonder if you’re OK?

Because I honestly don’t feel like I get a lot of that….or maybe it’s all in my head. It’s just an observation.

So forgive me if I stop reaching out. Right now, my energy levels are not as they used to be.

I’m getting older. My capacity to deal with multiple things at once is waning. My priorities are getting tighter. I can’t do as much personal projects as I want to. My bank account needs more zeros etc… You get the point.

Let’s hope to make it to the end of the year. My mind is already in 2020.

Hopefully, I’ll check back in more often.



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