New Challenger: Review of Busy 4G LTE Internet

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
5 min readFeb 6, 2016

Looks like the 4G LTE market is heating up. Surfline was the first to really establish themselves as the premium 4G LTE provider in Ghana even though Blu GH was around at the time. But Surfline launched a massive marketing campaign and basically solidified themselves as the leading 4G provider.

Fast forward and it looks like the shiny armor of Surfline is looking a little rusty. Customers complaining about “missing” data, downtimes on the network and a host of other problems. Blu Gh can’t seem to take advantage of Surfline’s weakness because you barely hear about them in the mainstream.

So, can Busy 4G come in and deliver service and customer satisfaction which could take the crown from Surfline?

Data Bundles and Devices

First of, let’s talk about what Busy is offering in terms of Data Bundles and Devices. Busy offers two kinds of devices: A 4G Mifi Device and a 4G LTE Router.

Busy 4G Mifi (left), Busy 4G Router (right)

For the purposes of this review, I used the 4G Mifi Device. The device connects up to 14 Wi-Fi enabled devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Game Consoles.

For data, Busy is offering competitive prices when compared to Surfline:

Busy 4G Data Bundles

Busy 4G LTE Network Testing

I tested the Busy 4G LTE Network using the 4G MIFI device

The device is nothing special. Just your standard MIFI device.

Busy 4G Internet Speed Test

I guess that’s ok. But when I tested Surfline’s 4G network, Surfline’s speed was way better

Surfline’s 4G Speed Test (Tested in August 2014)

Actually, I can say it’s 2x better than Busy’s 4G network. But for now, it’s inconclusive. I’ll probably write up a comprehensive speed test review later on for a real head to head matchup. But for now, in terms of 4G speed, Surfline is looking like a winner here.

Online User Experience (Online Portal)

Busy has an online portal where you can log in and view your data, recharge and buy data bundles. An interesting feature on the portal is sending credit to another person on the Busy network.

The Data Usage page is basically what you think will be on a data usage page. It shows you how much data you’ve used. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The “Purchase A Bundle” page is where users can go on and buy different data bundles for their devices. The payment options include Mobile Money and Credit/Debit Card.

Busy offers the feature of sending credit to another user on the Busy network. You can send data credit or money credit.


So, is Busy ready to challenge Surfline and take it’s crown? At the early stages, I kind of have to say no. Surfline took the early lead and doesn’t really seem to be slowing down. Surfline has coverage in Accra and places in Tema and is also in Takoradi. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were laying the groundwork in Kumasi. But Busy does have a leg up on Surfline by having 4G LTE in Accra and Tema, going towards the Prampam area.

Another area Surfline is ahead is with its arsenal of 4G devices. Currently, Busy has only a Mifi device and 4G Router. Surfline on the other hand has devices which include a Mifi device, a 4G Router, a 4G USB modem, a Wingle, A pocket Mifi Device and another Mifi device called “The BigBoss Mifi”.

I think it’s safe to say Surfline is pretty loaded in the device department.

Even when it comes to data bundles, Surfline has arguably the better deals. With the recent introduction of its *unlimited* data bundle, it’s going to be hard to compete with that. Busy does have a good deal with its freebie promotion package where you simply buy a 5GB bundle (or higher) and choose from Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, GhanaWeb, MyJoyOnline for nights or weekends. And it’s unlimited.

But if we’re being real for a second, it’s going to hard to take the crown from Surfline. Even though Surfline has been having problems with customers in terms of missing data, they do still provide good customer service even going as far to give customers free data for unexpected outages. Free data? That’s hard to beat.

Busy has an uphill battle, no doubts about that. Surfline’s marketing is pretty good. They basically pushed Blu out of the picture when it comes to 4G internet in Ghana. 4G data bundles are still expensive for the average Ghanaian but addition of more competitors can only benefit the consumer.

For now, Surfline is still top dog in my opinion. Newcomer Busy better come with everything if they want to compete. They may need to be more aggressive with prices and rollout of new devices.

Busy 4G has a good start. Nothing mind blowing or earth shattering when it comes to devices or data bundles.

Maybe if they come out with a Netflix bundle or something…..

Oh well, it’s still early. We’ll see if they can innovate and keep up with Surfline.



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