Personal Update: Burnt Out😅

In January 2021, I turned 33. I wrote about it.

Now for the truth: It was such a lonely day.

COVID cases were up in the city and I couldn’t do anything about. So yeah I hated it. I was anxious. I just wanted the day to go away. The next day, I was feeling better.

But I was grateful for celebrating another year and turning older.

Last month was bad. I lost a family member and suffered grief and pain. The pain still lingers but time heals and my family is getting better everyday.

Also, I really hate social media. I hate how it’s become. I hate how it’s the platform where people think “as long as they’re tweeting, they’re fine”.

I hate Instagram. I hate how its evolved into nothing but a marketplace and a place for influencers trying to sell me almost everything under the sun.

I want the old Instagram back with nice pictures.

I want phone calls and text messages dammit.

Likes and retweets? Yuck

Unfortunately, it’s the world we’re living and I have to adapt. But I still don’t like it.

Anyway, here’s what keeps me busy and prevents me from brooding all day:

My personal podcast, Open Conversations, kicked off last month for Season 2 and it’s going well. There’s some things behind the scenes and I’m currently in discussions for something cool. Will let you know how it goes.

Our pop culture podcast, PodTakes Season 2, is also ongoing and we’re coming up with lots of ideas and things to experiment on.

I launched the Tech Nova newsletter on Product Hunt: Tech Nova Newsletter — News And Analysis From The Ghana Tech Ecosystem (

My 9–5 job is going well. We finally launched our new landing page (Designed by me 😊)

We’re hoping to launch our new product as well soon with a new UI (also designed by me).

I’m working on a side project for a great startup which I hope will launch soon.

It’s been hard to finish writing “More Conversations With Girls”, my short story collection. I was aiming for a March release but might have to push it back. But eventually, it should come out 🙏🏽.

What’s Going On Your Personal Life, Joe?

I’m tired of talking to people (Not everyone but most people).

I do not have the energy to do small talk anymore.

Everybody is stressed. Everybody is guarded. Everybody has trust issues 😅. It’s so hard to get to know anymore without putting in effort which actually drains me.

It’s understandable but yeah, I can’t keep doing it. I’m drained. I’m tired.

I’m an introvert. I can adapt but still, my goodness, trying to socialise is freaking tiring.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get the vaccine. I can’t wait to save up and eventually travel and get some rest.

I just wanted to rant and also get some things off my chest. Have a nice day!



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