Redesigning The Online Registration For Businesses In Ghana

Automated and Fully Online

If you want to register a business in Ghana, you have to go the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

Even though the department has an electronic process, there are many issues on their electronic portal can causes many to opt for the manual process instead.

To start the manual process, you would need to purchase a paper form, fill out the details and submit the form back to the department for approval. After approval, you get a certificate to commence your business as well as a certificate for incorporation and the documentation for your business.

I tried out the electronic portal but I run into issues trying to test it. The website currently needs some work including a redesign as well as a better process for applying for a business online.

I decided to see how much I could make the process easier with a little redesign.

The Current Situation

The current website has a section for check out the latest news related to Registrar General as well as physical forms you can download.

The current homepage is a bit “overwhelming” at first glance. It would be best to reduce the cognitive load* for users when they visit the website.

*(Cognitive load refers to the used amount of working memory resources. Basically too much information shown at once makes it hard for someone to take in all the information at once)

Wireframes of redesign

New Redesigned Page

The new redesigned page focuses on logging in and signing up for the end user.

Also, the RGD services will be more forefront with new icons and bigger buttons for quicker recognition.

Online Registration Process

Online registration should be easy and straight to the point. For this, I redesign an online form which guides the user on what section they’re on as well as the option to save their current application and come back finish up.

Payment Online

The most popular payment method in Ghana is mobile money. There are plans to make this an option for users to pay online using this method. With this redesign, both mobile money and card payments have been implemented as options for paying the final fee for the online registration.

A user can select Mobile Money or Card payments. A modal screen appears and a user enters their payment details and confirms to finish the application process.

This is just a small experimental redesign to help simplify the online registration process for businesses.

The current process doesn’t work as advertised but still has potential to be a great add-on for registering businesses online.

What do you think about this redesign? Does it work and could it help more business register online?



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