Review: Venom — The Movie

What a beautiful fun mess…

(Minor spoilers ahead) If you’ve been seeing the early reviews of Venom and are have been noticing how most of them are negative, I’m here to give you some good news!

I just saw Venom and it was good! That is, if you go in with some reduced expectations…..

So is Venom a bad movie? In my opinion, I don’t really think so. It’s an OK movie. Definitely not in the domain of any of the Marvel movies but it can hold it’s own.

Venom clears the bar and you have to thank Tom Hardy, who plays the character, Eddie Brock, as well as the voice of Venom, for keeping the movie together.

The character Eddie Brock is a reporter who soon gets down on his luck after getting fired from his job and losing his girlfriend. Soon enough, he’s sleuthing into Carlton Drake’s (the main villain played by Riz Ahmed) premises to get a scoop on a story but gets infected with one of the symbiotes which turn him into Venom.

With a supporting cast of Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine) and Riz Ahmed (The Night Of), you would think the movie would be better but unfortunately, it’s not.

Here’s my short summary: Watch the movie, stay for Tom Hardy. (and also stay for the end credits)

Venom Tries Too Hard To Be An MCU Movie

Marvel’s movies are great movies with well-written scenes which are commonly injected with humorous lines and dialogue. The writers know when to get serious and when to add in that funny line in a scene to get the audience riled up. But with Venom, the writers try too hard to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie when it doesn’t have to be.

The banter between Eddie Brock’s character and Venom is great. There’s definitely humor in there but outside of that, the jokes and some attempts at being in some scenes fall flat. There are some scenes which you think are supposed to be funny but the jokes just don’t work there. It’s like the movie doesn’t know whether to go full MCU comedy or Dark Knight seriousness.

PG-13? Really?!

When I first heard this movie was PG-13, I was disappointed. I mean, it’s one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, Venom! An almost 7 feet tall monster with sharp teeth who eats people.

And you’re concerned about the kids? Deadpool would love to have a word with you…

You could replace the supporting cast with B-actors and the movie would still be fine because Tom Hardy is that good.

So does the rating affect the movie? In little ways, it does. There are some scenes in the movie where the symbiote kills people (I’m talking literally eating heads off) and you get quick cuts and no signs of blood. It really makes everything weird and off-putting.

Bad Screen Or Bad CGI?

I don’t know whether it was a bad cinema that we watched the movie in but the CGI in the movie seemed to be hit or miss. The Venom character in this movie definitely looks WAY better than it was portrayed in that Spider-Man 3 movie that we’ve all wiped from memory. The Venom character build is good, the eyes look good and we even get some good tongue action (get your mind out of the gutter).

Worst CGI fight ever

But in the finale, with Venom facing off against Riot, the symbiote villain, the special effects are all over the place. The movie is definitely not winning any awards for best CGI fight, that’s for sure.

Even in some scenes with Venom in full form, it’s a lot of quick cuts and not a chance to see Venom in full form. I would have actually liked to have more onscreen time for Venom to be honest.

In Hardy, We Trust

I’ve already stated my man crush for Tom Hardy. He really nails it with the character. Surprisingly, the voice of Venom almost steals the show. With quick banter and funny dialogue, the movie is almost a one-man show with Tom Hardly leading the way.

The supporting cast doesn’t really help much. Michelle Williams is almost forgettable as Eddie Brock’s girlfriend. Riz Ahmed tries his best to be the hero’s villain but doesn’t really get far with an almost one dimension character.

You could replace the supporting cast with B-actors and the movie would still be fine because Tom Hardy is that good.

Good Start, LOTS To Improve

After the movie was done, I actually can’t wait for a sequel because there’s a lot to be improved upon and that can easily be done for a better Venom movie

First of, Sony needs to give everything to Marvel and just BACK OFF (Probably not going to happen).

Secondly, improve the CGI. Venom’s onscreen character is great but it can definitely be improved especially if you have one or two more symbiotes battling on screen.

Thirdly, lose the PG-13 rating or leave out the head chopping and sharp weapons. I really hope the sequel gives us more gore especially if we’re going to have [REDACTED]* in the sequel.

Post Credits Scene*

That’s what we all wait for when a Marvel movie is done: The post credit scene. If you don’t want any spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now.

In the end of the movie, Eddie Brock’s character is telling Michelle Williams that he’s got a great interview lined up but he can’t tell her. During the post credit scene, we see Eddie Brock riding his bike to a prison facility.

Inside the prison, we get a glimpse of Woody Harrelson. (If you had been following the rumors, it looks like they were sport on)

Woody Harrelson is playing the role of Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who later becomes Carnage.


Can’t lie, the scene was a bit sloppy with a cheesy line at the end.

But being honest, is Woody Harrelson the best person to play Carnage? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great actor. But Carnage is almost on the levels of The Joker. A sick and crazy murderer.

So are going to get a Heath Ledge-esque performance from Woody? I don’t want to get my hopes up. But Carnage is a classic villain and he needs to get his props in a cinematic movie.

Fingers crossed for a better Venom sequel.



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