The Future Of Media At Tech Nova

Tech Nova 3.1 And What We’re Working On

A couple of years ago (specifically 2019), I wanted to shut down Tech Nova.

The major reason? Burn out and de-motivation.

When we first launched in 2017, I wanted Tech Nova to be an all round technology publication for Ghana. I wanted to move away from the “blog” model and make the site more of an online publication which featured great writing about everything tech related including gadgets, ecosystems, startups and social media.

But in 2019, I was burnt out. Things felt stagnant. Ideas became scarce and I just didn’t feel motivated enough to keep it going.

One day, I randomly reached out to someone to get some perspective on the online publication industry.

I emailed David Pierce (formally of who had recently joined a new site called “Protocol”. I asked him about his experience working in the industry and what it was like launching a new site.

Thankfully, he answered back and broke down everything. I used that as fuel to keep going.

For the last couple of months, there’s been a lot of thinking and planning and trying to see what to do with the Tech Nova brand.

So here’s what we’ve been working on.

Expanding The Team

In the beginning of this year (2021), I announced that Tech Nova would no longer be producing original articles. It would just be publishing and curating news articles and linking it back to the original source. The reason for this was to re-strategise what the platform would be going forward.

I’m happy to announce that we’re reverting back to original written content and now we’re adding new team members.

Tech Nova will now have a Managing Editor to help curate new content for the platform as well as rolling out new brand strategies.

In addition, we’ll be adding two content writers to the team for writing and publication of stories. (If you’re interested in joining Tech Nova, you can check out the job description here)

New Content And Focus On Social Media

With the expansion of the team, Tech Nova will be focused not only on written stories but we’ll also be having a new focus on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and take advantage of new social audio platforms including Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces for special sessions and interactions.

We’ll also be refocusing on our Tech Nova newsletter and being more active with our subscribers. (You can subscribe to our newsletter here)


To be honest, when we started, we didn’t really focus on monetisation. But four years later, we’re going to be a bit more business minded and I’ll be focused on that end now that I have a Managing Editor on board.

We suspended our Ad program but we’ll be relaunching that and also be focused on an Ad program for local startups and businesses.

We’re always open to partnerships and collaborations, so if you want to work with the Tech Nova brand, we’re open for business.

Tech Nova 3.1 And The Future Of Media

In July, we’ll be rolling out Tech Nova 3.1. So what does that mean?

The new Tech Nova will be focused not only on the tech ecosystem in Ghana but also on other interesting tech stories that we occasionally miss.

The Tech Nova website will also be getting a face lift to show off the new content we’ll be working on.

Just want to thank everyone who reads Tech Nova and share our stories. It’s been four years and so we’re hoping that we’ll still be around for the long term.





My personal writing space. (UX Designer | Blogger | Social Introvert) UX Design writing:

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Joseph-Albert Kuuire

Joseph-Albert Kuuire

My personal writing space. (UX Designer | Blogger | Social Introvert) UX Design writing:

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