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New beginnings and early days

In the third week of September, I hopped on a plane to Lagos to officially meet up with the Flutterwave team and join the company as a UX Designer.

To be honest, I still couldn’t believe it was happening.

A few weeks ago, I had visited Lagos and now I was heading back to be a part of the company. Although I’ve only been with Flutterwave for a weeks, I’d like to share my experience so far.

On the way to the Flutterwave office from the airport

I landed in Lagos in the evening and was taken to the Flutterwave office to meet up with some of my team members before heading to my hotel.

I met with Modupe Durosinmi-Etti (@dupsyturvy), the Flutterwave’s Developer Community Manager (who by the way was a great help the whole week I was in Lagos). She helped me get acquainted with everyone and also helped out with my hotel and transportation.

It’s All About The Team

One of the first things I noticed about Flutterwave is how diverse their teams are. The company has a good balance of young men and women with different skillsets. The diversity was actually kind of refreshing to see if I’m being honest. I couldn’t help but make a mental note.

During my time in Lagos, I worked with the design team to make one of the Flutterwave products better for the end user.

Flutterwave is dedicated to having the best customer experience for their users and in order to create that great experience, the design team was tasked with finding pain points that existed with their product, and work on designing a better experience. (More information on the design experience in some upcoming posts).

Early Behind The Scenes Pics (Future Post about this coming soon)

There’s always a level of nervousness you feel in a new environment and when you’re trying to familiarise with a team that’s already works in sync. In the back of your mind, you worry a bit about fitting in. But the Flutterwave team was really great and I had no problem with fitting in. I definitely had some great conversations and bonded with the designers as we worked.

“Slack-ing” Off

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A few of the Ghanaian companies I’ve worked with in the past never got into using internal communication tools.

I’m sorry but email is dead to me unless it’s for official correspondence and WhatsApp groups can sometimes be a non starter. I find that Slack is a better alternative than email and WhatsApp especially when it comes to team communication and I’m glad Flutterwave uses it.

Flutterwave not only uses Slack for work, they also created a separate Slack space for developers who are interested in integrating their APIs into online/offline products and services.

I was added to Flutterwave’s Slack after I joined the team. Apart from internal communications and work talk, there are a few channels dedicated to sharing office banter and twitter funny videos.

I haven’t met everyone yet but from the online conversations, I know I’ll get along just fine in the coming months. Some of the work that the design team has put in looks great and I’m really looking forward to reading the feedback from our end users when the changes are finally unveiled.

The journey with Flutterwave has’s just started and but I’m really looking forward to what is coming next.

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